Foooty is the ball that fits in every pocket. Play anywhere you want!


10 white FOOOTY elements = all sorts of balls = unique. An easy click mechanisme makes it possible to build any sort of ball. A FOOOTY lets you play football, rugby, golf or just juggle with them, whatever you want. Done with playing? Just put the FOOOTY pack back in your pocket (or handbag ;-)


Playing is connecting and brings a lot of fun, energy and more creativity!
Use this creativity to find even more FOOOTY possibilities, from lampshade to hat, from bow tie to dragon!


Ball size 4
Includes instructions to learn the build-it-yourself basics and a handy elastic band to keep the elements together
10 FOOOTY elements
100% recyclable pp
Kicking, throwing, in- or outside, on land or in water, all is possible
A Foooty package fits in your mailbox

Or maybe you find this more fun?

Would you like to play outside with your friends and family and just have fun? Then KanJam is your game, easy for allmost any age, exciting and no complicated rules. Just do it! 

Once started in the 80s by a few students from Buffalo with a frisbee and a few trash cans, it's now a real sport being played everywhere in the US.

Play two against two and score points by throwing the frisbee directly in the container, slamdunk it in the container by your partner or simply hit the container with the frisbee. How easy can it be to have a lot of fun?

KanJam does not take much space, is easy to carry and stores away to practically nothing, it even fits in an Amsterdam house. Having a barbecue or picnic in the park, a large garden or just a courtyard? You can play it anywhere.

The KanJam set includes one frisbee and two durable, userfriendly containers. The container is made of recycled material. You will also receive a comprehensive user guide and the special KanJam app to easily keep score.